Sunbed Tanning

Our Ergoline Prestige Vision sunbeds are designed with attention to improved skin care. We offer both, the Prestige Bluevision and the Prestige Lightvision (red), please read further detail on blue light or red light therapy below.

Sunbed tanning is not only for cosmetic skin colour enhancing, there are various reasons to require artificial sunlight sessions. Looking your best for an occasion is only one example, giving obvious gain to health by making you feel improved. Like having a relaxed summer holiday abroad, you return with a healthy glow and feeling better for it in the mind too.

Skin therapy treatment, known as light treatment, uses specialist sunbeds that provide non-thermal light energy to trigger your body’s natural cell processes to accelerate, rejuvenate, or repair the skin. Medically recommended for; acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, skin rejuvenation, sun damage, sensitive or inflammatory conditions, wound healing or scaring, or all reasons to restore skin’s radiance. Ergoline are widely recognised as industry leading specialists, which is why we have confidence offering our sunbed light therapy packages using the best quality sunbeds available:

Prestige Bluevision

The Ergoline Prestige Bluevision tanning bed was the first ever to combine the latest UV technology with the power of 120 Activating Light LEDs. Blue light activates the whole organism and prepares the skin for tanning. This enables particularly intensive direct pigmentation, for an immediately visible wow effect.
You can choose from 3 individual tanning programmes – from gentle to intensive. With many comfort features as standard you will experience tanning delight.

Prestige Lightvision

The Ergoline Prestige Lightvision has more than 200 high performance LEDs, providing special skincare tanning effective for face, neck, shoulders and body. The red light activates the supply of oxygen to the skin, which boosts the tanning effect. This provides an all round glowing complexion and smooth skin. It is not just about getting a tan with this sunbed, it goes deeper into the skin to benefit your whole body.